Is the drive to Mt. Elbrus safe?

One of the first things you’ll notice, as you begin planning for your Mt. Elbrus trip, are some pretty serious travel warnings. And not just to the greater North Caucasus region, but specifically referring to the drive to Mt. Elbrus. What are you to make of all this? Is it as dangerous and risky as you’ve read? Should you postpone your trip until things “cool down”? Or do the travel warnings not line up with present-day reality in 2019? Read …

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4 Reasons to Travel to the North Caucasus instead of Italy

Off the beaten path in Europe: 4 reasons why you should travel to the North Caucasus instead of Italy If you are planning an overseas trip in the near future, odds are it’s to somewhere in Europe…..right? A large % of the world’s travel money is spent in Europe, and understandably so, with its vital place in world history. In 2018, six of the world’s top ten most visited countries were in Europe, including: 1. France – 86+ million visitors …

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Top 11 Things You Should Do After Climbing Mt. Elbrus

If you’re like many climbers from around the world, Mt. Elbrus is on your bucket list to summit. Whether or not you have a goal of climbing the world’s 7 summits, you are like many thousands of Russians and foreigners who descend on the Caucasus Mountains every year to conquer this beautiful peak. Many climbers are single-minded and come to the “Caucasus” with one goal in mind: conquer Elbrus and go home. But if you’re like others, you want to …

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4 Myths about Travel to Russia in 2019

This is the year. 2019. It’s the year to get over the hump and travel to Russia. You’ve considered it for years. There are so many “Yes, but…” moments that have been holding you back, though. Here are 4 commonly-held myths about travel to Russia that we want to alleviate for you. It’s time to get over the hump! 1) MYTH #1 – IT’S TOO DANGEROUS – Whether due to strained political relationships between governments, or negative media coverage, many …

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Best Season For Travel

When is the best time of year to come to Russia? Russia has four seasons and each of them have their pros and cons for travel.  When most people imagine Russia, they think of fur hats and coats and year-round snow drifts.  While there are some regions of Russia that are like that, many parts are not.  Russia is the largest country in the world, and so specific weather forecasts will depend on where exactly you are traveling to in …

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Traveling Russia On A Restricted Diet

WHAT IF I’M GLUTEN-FREE? More and more often we meet travelers who are on a restricted diet: no sugar, gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, keto or vegan….and the list goes on! FOREIGN CONCEPT For the most part, a restricted eating lifestyle is foreign to Russians. The response tends to be “why on earth would you want to limit what you can eat??” On the other hand, restricting one’s diet for a defined period of time is quite familiar. Every year the Russian …

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Appropriate Dress In Russia

DRESSY OR CASUAL? What you wear in Russia really depends on the season you’ll be coming in, and what part of Russia you’ll be visiting.  Here are some general tips: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SHOES Russians walk a lot, and you will do a lot of walking on your trip to Russia. So, make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes.  If you’re coming in a rainy part of the year, waterproof shoes are a definite plus.  If you’re coming in …

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5 Best Foods In Russia

TEMPTINGLY TASTY Whether or not people want to admit it, the cuisine they often associate with Russia is quite bland and laced with stereotypes: potatoes, beets, bread, and a shot of vodka. This couldn’t be further from the truth!  The Russian “kitchen” is quite rich and draws influence from many of its neighboring countries from Soviet Union times, from Central Asia to the Caucasus. 5 ‘must-eats’ during your Russia experience: BEAUTY OF BORSCH Borsch is the quintessential Russian beet soup. …

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Best Ways to Travel Around Russia

ONCE I GOT THERE, HOW DO I GET AROUND? Russia is the largest country in the world, and as a result, inter-city travel can eat up a lot of your time while there.  Here’s some advice for how to make the most of your trip to Russia: WHY NOT FLY? If you’re traveling to multiple cities that are far apart and you have limited time, flying is probably your best bet.  In-country flights in Russia tend to be pretty cheap, …

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ALL in-person and virtual tours to Russia and Mt. Elbrus have been indefinitely suspended as of February 2022.

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